Excellent book! A Dance Farewell

"I absolutely loved this book! I enjoyed the storyline and could not wait to start reading again after I put the book down. I would have never guessed the ending in a million years! Wow! Wow! Wow! So unexpected, but brilliant. Well done, I look forward to reading Cheri Dean's next book."

-Amazon Review by Top

Recommend 100% I love this book!

"Very well written, interesting characters whom I enjoyed getting to know and go on their journey of life experiences. Life can change in a moment. I think of the story on a daily basis. The ending is not what I thought it was going to be! Can’t wait for more books by Cheri Dean! "

-Amazon Review by Avid Reader

A Must Read!!

"The Dance Farewell is a fantastic read. I could not put the book down. The characters and storyline are very well written; quite a few parts had me in suspense, stunned and overwhelmed with emotion. Everyone should read this book! Can’t wait for the author’s next book! "

-Review by Michelle

"WOW I finished your book Sunday. I absolutely loved it. I hope there will be more. God bless you on this journey you have begun."

-Review by Jeanne Fowler

"Facebook friends this is almost intriguing book! The story is awesome and keeps your attention. I couldn't hardly put it down. The Author is a friend of mine and my husbands...I wish for it to become a movie! It's this good."

-Review by Martha Lawler

"Just got done reading "A Dance Farewell" and enjoyed it immensely! Found it easy to bond with the characters and the storyline took me into unexpected directions. Can't wait to see more work from Cheri Dean!"

-Review by Malcom Miller

"Aunt Cheri, I read your book! It was wonderful! I am an avid reader and when I saw you share the title I knew it would be my next midnight read (since that is my only opportunity)! I finished it in 2 nights. It was thought provoking, it kept my interest and i loved the way the story was told. The recounting of the murder scene was intense, and I felt those emotions while I read. I also felt heartbreak over the loss of Timmy. But Kenzie and Todd's end together got me. You did a wonderful job! The story was beautifully told. You are a woman of many talents. I so admire you!! Looking forward to reading your next book!"

-Review by Katie Wendland Nichols