The River Cries…..Neither Rhemi Walker nor Justin Lindsey realized what began as “puppy love” for them as teenagers would morph into a bittersweet love story that would encompass the rest of their livers. As Justin stood across the street and waited as Rhemi emerge from a church as a beautiful bride, the thought that raced madly through his mind was that he should have been the groom. From there, their roads of life headed in different directions and did not cross again until over thirty years later. A prank masterminded by their best friend, Kevin Younger, who loved Rhemi as much as Justin, brought them together again. After the chance meeting, though both were in marriages they could not or would not walk away from, but could not bring themselves to walk away from each other for a second time. Rhemi and Justin began a clandestine affair of stealing a few days a year to share their love. Twelve years later, tragedy struck while Rhemi lay in Justin’s arms. Rhemi’s husband, Martin, whom she truly loved for his goodness, had died in a float plane crash off the shores of an Alaskan island. Consumed with guilt, Rhemi shut Justin out of her life again. Could the pastor Rhemi was seeing in hopes of finding redemption bring them together again? Or were the two lovers destined to be lost souls forever.

Chenoa's Long Journey…..Chenoa’s Long Journey is a delightful modern-day adventure. Ashley Tyler, a recent college grad from New Orleans encounters Jade Eagle, a full-blooded Cheyenne, at a village in Wyoming. Jade learns Ashley’s soul is as troubled as his. Ashley grapples with a pull to explore a Native American heritage that is not hers. She doesn’t know the spirit of Chenoa - a captive bride of a Cheyenne chief from the late 1800’s - is struggling after a rescue to find the way back to her tribe through her. Jade is shocked discovering when he aimlessly draws a petroglyph in the sand by their feet, it reflects the two of them riding into mountains on horseback. He views the picture as an omen telling him he needs to seek his vision one more time and feels finding hers as well would free Ashley from the conflicts within her heart. Two weeks after meeting, Ashley and Jade begin a long trek on horseback through Big Horn Mountains to where his great-grandmother lives with a small band of Indians. There, Nakoli will help Forget-Me-Not, the Indian name Jade gave to Ashley, seek her vision - one that intertwines with his own. Become a part of their journey as they encounter hardships and battle the ever changing elements of Mother Nature. Experience the emotions developing between them and share the vision they see at the end of their journey

The Hidden Message…..The last thing Kaylie saw before passing out from the beating from her husband, Tim, were her children rushing to the door of their bedroom. Mark was wielding a baseball bat, Maddie - his twin - a kitchen knife, and little Mason a flyswatter. How had the man she married changed into a demonic stranger without her realizing it? The downhill slide began in the small town of Prattville, Alabama where Kaylie began working as an agent with Tim’s best friend, Rich Clark, who lived in Nashville on the purchase of a seven-million-dollar ranch in Wyoming. A sale, she would have caved and given to Tim under pressure if her best friend and co-worker, Molly, hadn’t pushed her to stand up for herself. Who would have ever guessed much to Tim’s chagrin, she would successfully negotiate a sale? Eventually with time Kaylie began a new life in Wyoming with her children and as the wife of the seller, Tate Bradely. There, she felt she was safe from the crippled ex-husband she left almost two thousand miles behind. And she was - until she received an ominous message through the mail that was delivered in the form of a crudely hand-made puzzle made of wooden tiles. Were they going to be able to unscramble the letters to decipher the message in time? Or would the edict elude them until it was too late?

A Dance Farewell…..Following the death of his mother, Josh Allen decides to tell the story of the 24 year relationship between his mother, Kenzie, and his best friend, Todd. What makes their story unique is the 14 year age difference separating them. Whereas society readily accepts the difference between an older man and a woman young enough to be his daughter, it doesn’t when the woman is older. Kenzie's tragic loss of her husband in a fatal car accident and the gruesome deaths of Todd’s wife and infant son inflicted scars so deep neither believed they would ever heal. But when they looked at each other, the reflections they saw pulled at them like magnets. Slowly, with time, they became kindred spirits—but not without trials and tribulations. There were barriers to be broken and demons to put to bed before they could move forward with their relationship. When cancer reared its ugly head, rather than let it dominate their lives, they chose instead to take control of the destiny they shared.