about the author

Cheri Dine (Thomas) Wendland writes under a pseudonym. As to why she chose to use the pen name, Cheri Dean, she blames logic. Right or wrong, Cheri feels when readers search for a good read, it’s a natural tendency to begin with authors whose last names start with the letter A and work their way through the alphabet. She’s confident that only on rare occasions do they ever make it to the Ts or Ws. The Dine part of her name is pronounced like dean; not like “we’re going to dine on steak tonight”. Again, logic won out. She’s certain if readers search for information about her, they will likely go for the way Dean sounds rather than a correct spelling of it.

Apparently, Cheri has been content to write, and write, and write for years without ever seeking to publish any of her works. Caving under the pressure of the handful of people she let read her manuscripts, she finally decided to move forward with her dream of sharing her books with more than a select few.

The audience for her books lean towards women who enjoy a good romance with a little mystery and intrigue thrown into the mix. A number of Cheri’s proofreaders say her books are similar in content and style to those of Danielle Steel, which most avid readers know tend to be best sellers. Though the genre of Cheri’s books falls under the category of romance, they cover both the beauty and the ugly reality of life at its best and worst. In most of her books, her deep love and knowledge of nature will find a way into her work. Like Danielle Steel, here’s hoping some of Cheri’s books will follow the same paths of success.